Angela Brooks

Zombie Nurses are not just dressed for Halloween

October 28, 2013

Zombies are real! I saw them the other morning as I was clocking in. I started noticing them in the parking lot before I ever got out of the truck. I hesitated before I unlocked the door … but some of them looked normal so I took a chance. As I walked down the side […]

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Lady Schlareol A Perfume with Benefits

October 23, 2013

“The Great Intoxicator.” Lady Schlareol This is a Young Living specific blend of some of nature’s most exotic and aromatic (think seductive!) essential oils (ylang ylang, geranium, rosewood, jasmine, clary sage, sandalwood more). This beguiling concoction was thought to originate from the ‘Ladies at Court’ of the Middle Ages who discovered its alluring alchemy. Lady […]

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What is it you want your life to look like?

August 6, 2013

What is it you want your life to look like? How many times have I ask my self this one question and depending on where I am in my life at the time I give myself different answers. I have always known I wanted to be in business, I was not sure what type but […]

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#Nursing Natural healing is not just for man, but for man’s best friend too

July 10, 2013

  What a day at our house after enjoying a pleasant day off work the afternoon did not end near as we had planned. Sitting in my office I see my 6’3 son running across the living room and sprinting across the deck before I can get outside to see what all the commotion was […]

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Nursing, Business and Baseball

June 6, 2013

  This week as we watched some of our baseball team graduate from high school it caused time for reflection. A Nurse, A Business, or A Ball player … has to be raised up with tender loving hands just like a new baby of a caring parents. If you have followed me for even one […]

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