Scars Mark Pain, Tattoos Share a Story

by Angela Brooks

Tattoos are fascinating to me; they are usually more than a pretty design or vibrate colors.   All of them have a story to tell and that too fascinates me. I love to ask the question 'what made you get that design' and then listen as the story involves.

Speaking with someone who has spent any time in prison or jail seems to have a tattoo with a story that tells about their stay. As I was assessing a treatment on a middle age mans shoulder he had a beautiful design that read 'Kayla'. I ask who Kayla was, he smiled over his shoulder "My daughter she was 2 years old when I went to prison and I don't get to see her now because her mom is scared of me." I ask should she be. "He said, "No I would never hurt either of them but you know how bad I am when I am off my medication I can be scary when I get paranoid." I smiled and shook my head that I understood – yes he is a little scary. He asks my permission to show me another tattoo that he is very proud of that told more of the story. He removed his shirt –  I listened to why the clock on the tower did not have a face or hands (endless time in prison)and the rope hanging from the tower showed no possibility for  escape then a beautiful little girl (Kayla) standing with a dress and curls holding  a sign with his prison number engraved.  

Tattoos and scars tell stories without words. Usually, where pain used to be and, now just a mark to remember what happen.

Wounds heal – but often leave a mark. Life takes its toll and the wisdom has a price, we like to think that whatever was broken is now stronger and healed

I am not here to say scars or some tattoos are all sexy -but they all have a story like the scar on your knee from when you were little and fell. The story comes when the owner of the mark begins telling what happen to end up with a history mark like scars. We have marks everywhere seen and unseen, from the misses and the makes from the loses and wins.

Each of us must carry our burden and bear the weight of what has happened to us. But don’t try to tell me that all is healed. It never is. You are changed. I am changed. And life goes on.

Some people lie down and let the scars, bumps and bruises grown over us like weeds and then there are the ones that have a story that is hidden by the strength that grew with the wisdom. Their shoulders are back – their head is up – the mind has a bruise but they say "Forget it" lets roll!!

Stand tall – tattoo – scars and all. Do not let fear or the past hold you back. Your equipped and ready to move forward.

Angela Brooks is a leading distributor of Young Living Essential Oils. Dedicated to natural health solutions, Brooks provides people with healing alternatives without harsh side effects. Additionally, Brooks is a mental health nurse committed to bringing mental happiness to the nursing profession by motivating and supporting nurses around the country.


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Angela Brooks is a retired nurse after 25 years in mental health. She used her lunch breaks to build her business part time on the night shift. Her car became a mobile university as she listened to business training, coaching calls on CD and phone webinars. She blogged while she was at her sons' baseball practices.

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