Stress and Anxiety Relief

Aromatherapy Stress Relief


Are you stressed? Aromatherapy can be a tremendous help in stress relief. We are all faced with stress at some point in our lives. Controlling it is crucial to your overall health and well being.

Stress lowers your resistance and makes you more vulnerable to illness and disease. It can also be mentally crippling.
Aromatherapy is a technique that uses the body’s sense of smell to help boost your mood, relieve stress, energize and encourage better health.

Essential Oils for Stress Relief

Below are essential oils helpful in the relief of certain stress related problems. Try adding a few drops of a related essential oil to a cotton ball and inhaling.

Joy - very uplifting can be offensive when your body really needs it.  Nice as a perfume.

Stress Away –  calming and peaceful lime and vanilla scents relax the body during stress or preventively.   Very good for grief and depression. Comes in a roll on, but many clients like to smell on a tissues throughout the day.

Peace and Calming – nice to use when mind is racing and can’t calm down. Can uplift out of a funk, or relax out of a mania.

Tranquil -  Completely awesome for calming the mind and body.   Comes in a roll on put on temples, neck and ears for peace.

Forgiveness- very good for depression caused form trauma, abuse, death, or long term depression. Topical application on the abdomen as well as inhalation is excellent.

Abundance - a high frequency potent blend excellent for home or business diffusion.

Ruta-Vala - comes in both a roll on and 5mL. Some use a few drops internally for serious depression and insomnia. Topical use and inhalation. Very good for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.  Can be offensive smell for those who really need it.

Highest Potential  – a deep tone smell this oil is very uplifting used as an anointing oil on the top of the head, in an aromatherapy necklace, or in a fan diffuser.

Thieves:  Diffuse it into the air, it kills airborne germs, mold, mildew, Put a few drops of Thieves essential oil blend in a capsule and swallow with water to support your immune system

  • Put in a few drops of Thieves essential oil blend in your dishwater or dishwasher to thoroughly clean dishes and eliminate odor
  • Diffuse Thieves essential oil blend for 15–30 minutes in your home or office to help eliminate airborne bacteria
Lavender Essential Oil #3575  Because it is the most versatile of all essential oils, no home should be without it. Lavender is an adaptogen, and therefore can assist the body when adapting to stress or imbalances. It is a great aid for relaxing and winding down before bedtime, yet has balancing properties that can also boost stamina and energy. Therapeutic-grade lavender is highly regarded for skin and beauty. It may be used to soothe and cleanse common cuts, bruises, and skin irritations.A fussy baby – a child who can’t not sleep. Massage the bottom of their feet with lavender

Can’t Relax#3393 Peace & Calming: When diffused, it helps calm tensions and uplift the spirit, promoting relaxation and a deep sense of peace. When massaged on the bottoms of the feet, it can be a wonderful prelude to a peaceful night’s rest. Peace & Calming may be especially calming and comforting to young children after an overactive and stressful day.


# 4471 RutaVala Roll On: promotes a deeper relaxation of the body and mind. It helps ease tension and relieve stress. The blend helps overcome negative feelings while encouraging a positive attitude and comfort.


Joy Essential Oil – 15 ml Order #3372Joy™ is a luxuriously exotic blend with uplifting overtones that creates magnetic energy and brings joy to the heart. When worn as cologne or perfume, Joy exudes an alluring and irresistible fragrance that inspires romance and togetherness. When diffused, it can be refreshing and uplifting.Directions for use:

Topical: Apply 2-4 drops directly to desired area. Dilution not required, except for the most sensitive skin. Use as needed. Aromatic: Diffuse up to 1 hour three times daily.