Nurses do you own your Retirement?

by Angela Brooks

retirement party

I got up and went to a job for 23 years…drove down a road that takes 40 minutes to get there and 40 minutes to get home. I have worked in dangerous environments where people are fighting, throwing chairs, spitting, throwing human waste, talking to their self, attacking people. Just this last week I had a co-worker shoves a piece of paper at me and said “Read this!” You know when you’re caught off guard your kind of “glance” read a page – and then something caught my eye …. Kentucky Employees Retirement System…I paused and went back to the top of the page to read it again.

 SB 144/LM/AA (BR 419) –

Here are the 2 gentlemen who opened this bill they are trying to pass
C. McDaniel

 J. Higdon

AN ACT relating to Retirement

Amend KRS 16.505, 61.510, 78.510, and 161.220 to provide that compensation reported to the State Police Retirement System, the Kentucky Employees Retirement System (this is me),the County Employees Retirement System, and the Kentucky Teachers’ Retirement System on or after July 1, 2013, shall be limited to the base pay of the employee and shall not include payments for overtime, compensatory time, living allowances, expense reimbursements, lump-sum payments for accrued vacation leave, lump-sum bonuses, severance payments, lump-sum payments for accrued sick leave, uniform and equipment allowances, employer-provided payments for service purchases, or any other payments determined by the board to be in excess of the employee’s base regular rate of pay; amend KRS 161.155 to conform. Feb 12, 2013 -introduced in Senate

ACT NOW!!! Call this number 800-372-7181. Your Senator and tell them not to support SB144.  They are open until 11pm Monday through Friday

You can bet I grabbed the phone and called this number. I have no idea how powerful my voice was to call in – but I said my piece and left a message. Then I sent a few emails. The more I read the message the more upset I got. The ONLY name that was left off the list of retirements was the Kentucky Judicial Retirement system. I suppose that is the system that Mr. McDaniel and Mr. Higdon fall under.


As a nurse entrepreneur, it gave me a clear vision of why as a nurse my business at home is even more important to share with others. Working under the umbrella of a job allows you a paycheck that takes care of your family. If something happens at work the first thing that is effected is your paycheck- or if and when you get a raise – or paid days off according to your evaluations given by supervisors for meeting the standards. Someone even controls the benefits you work for – and decide if they want you to have them after your time has been given in exchange.

The hard truth is, you only are in control of what you alone earn and work for under your own umbrella. Stop allowing someone else to tell you how you can live your life. Step out of the box and make a life for yourself. It is not something that happens to other people  – a life happens because you go after it. Click here and start the transition.


Angela Brooks 2012Angela a holistic nurse social media loven nurse whom was voted 110th Leading Moms in Business she is also Director for her achievement of being the first in her business to build a solid Silver 2nd level Team Performance and over 30,000 in volume without using the phone. She is setting a model of how to build relationships online, through social media, blogging and email.  Voted #22 in the Top 50 Blog of 2012, #7 in the BizzyBuzz “People’s Choice” Contest with Mara Glazer.
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Angela Brooks is a retired nurse after 25 years in mental health. She used her lunch breaks to build her business part time on the night shift. Her car became a mobile university as she listened to business training, coaching calls on CD and phone webinars. She blogged while she was at her sons' baseball practices.

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