Not everyone will be happy for your success

by Angela Brooks

When you begin a new journey it is always more encouraging to have people in your corner supporting you along the way – and some will. At least for a while..

Once you begin to grow your business which means you will also grow and change in the things that you do and how you think – your friends and other people around you will notice your not the same.

The part of growth that is most painful for entrepreneurs is the shifting of the people we have had around us. Business growth will cause you to lose friends – or the relationship will change.

Strangers – specially on social media all of a sudden feel as if they have the right to say what ever they want to you – and you take it without mumbling a word.

Anyone who has ever met me knows that I don’t take a good cussing without a comment.

That was basically what the email said that I opened one afternoon from someone I had never had a conversation with. I had to read it twice for it to even sink in. 
I thought REALLY? What did I do to you?
Then the phone rings and the person calls me to let me know how I was running my business was all wrong. My thoughts were … So who are you. After about a 10 min conversation we hung up. The more I thought about the conversation the more pissed I became. 
Seriously who was he to call me and say those things.
I vented and mumbled until I got an email from a business partner who had the same thing happen. Something shifted from pissed off to “Oh hell no!”
As a leader to a team of truly amazing people I felt myself go into protection mode and my wings flew out to pull them under and protect them from the bull shit.
The more information I gathered the wider my wing span got and the louder the “Oh hell No!” became.
Thankfully my business coach said the truth. The higher you go in business  the more jealous people will become and challenges show up. At first I thought “nice…bull shit at the bottom and more bull shit at the top.”
I began reading a book by Steven Pressfield called “Going Pro” the book could not have showed up at a better time. Right in the middle of the going pro stage.  In his book he says:
Sometimes when we’re terrified of embracing our true calling, we’ll pursue a shadow calling instead. That is a metaphor for our real career. ~ @stevenpressfield


We enact the addictions instead of embracing our calling. Because to follow your call requires work. It’s hard. It hurts. It demands entering the pain zone of discomfort, risk, exposure. @StevenPressfield 


The phone call reminded me how hard I had worked and a person I didn’t know called to give me his free advice on what I was doing wrong. That seems to happen a lot from people who have never built a business before – they judge those that are.
When a negative comment comes to our space it is easy to forgot all the positive effects you have on those around you. It takes one phone call to drop you in a slump of whoa’s me.
I posted an update in the team training page on a few changes we needed to make. 53 comments replied to the post and it reminded me

#1 how much we offer each other as a team
#2 when you think you are not making a positive effect on someone else it takes one negative phone to bring out 53 positive comments to refuel the passion and remind  you of your purpose.
The negative phone changed my thinking.
  • I have a new Love for #palmtrees (they bend in a storm and stand back up when it is over unbroken.
  • I have a new appreciation for my team #fearless
  •  I discovered my passion is deeper than I even knew #livebold

 In the book “Tuning Pro” by @StephenPressfield (you must get this book) he says you don’t need to take a course or buy a product to become pro all you have to do is change your mind. 

I am going pro join me.

We have a team that is on fire and growing. If you are scared to death to change your life but willing to take a step. We are looking for you to join us. Ask me what your next step is

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Angela Brooks is a retired nurse after 25 years in mental health. She used her lunch breaks to build her business part time on the night shift. Her car became a mobile university as she listened to business training, coaching calls on CD and phone webinars. She blogged while she was at her sons' baseball practices.

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