Network Marketing Tools For Building Your Online Business

by Angela Brooks

When people hear the word network marketing they think of slimy sales people who are knocking on their front door selling insurance, or vacuum cleaners. Thank goodness for the internet and the world wide web there are other ways of telling people about a product or a service.The other thought that people have when they hear network marketing is they can work from home in their PJ’s and sleep half the day. I guess if that is what you want to do you can – but I have never met a person with a successful business that focused on over sleeping.I have been known to get out of bed with a idea burning in the front of my mind, my plan is to log in and take care of that one thought….and two – four hours later I am sipping cold coffee in my robe working!
  1. Read this book “The 4 hour work week”

    It is by far a story of how to work only four hours a week but how to build a business that lets you have a life. (Grab a highlighter – you will need one as you read.)

    4 hour work wekWhether you are an overworked employee or a entrepreneur trapped in your own business. Forget the concept of retirement and the rest of the deferred comp-plan life. There is no reason to wait or  and every reason not too.

    Whether you want to simply escape the rat race or or enjoy high end travel, monthly 5 figure income with zero management or just living more and working less. This book is the blueprint to make that happen.


    Click Here to Learn More About 4 hour work week

    Inside the Social Media Profits I teach how I started in business with a blog and social media. Why?
    Because they were free and I started branding myself as the burnt out nurse. Which I was – that was not a joke.

    In the program I shared all the tools I used in the beginning and how I put them together to work for me when I was – at the time – still working a full time 13 hour night shift three days a week.

    It was important for me to use tools and have a system to have some kind of a life too. Since that was my main goal other than bringing in extra cash for the bank account.

    • Learn the “how” in business that no one is talking about.
    • Discover online marketing strategies that will actually make your ‘offline’ life better!
    • Receive each lesson via email on Tuesdays – including an action step you can implement right away to see results.
    • Watch “over my shoulder” via a webinar you’ll receive with each module – see exactly how to implement every lesson in your own business!
    • No more feeling like you’re on your own! Receive bonus business-building tips and exercises in the private community group
    • Receive answers to ALL of your business questions! I’ll be with you every step of the way in our exclusive online group.
    • Experience the power of being in a Mastermind Group via our exclusive online community.
    • Finally understand exactly which apps and programs work to increase your efficiency while decreasing the headache of multiple social media platforms – you’ll know the ins and outs of scheduling for Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even PPC ads!
    • Dramatically decrease your learning time with strategies I’ve personally tested and refined for MAXIMUM results
    • Take action right away – every lesson is optimized so you can take simple focused action the same day you receive it.
    • And SO MUCH MORE!Learn more about the Social Media Profits here

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