I failed

by Angela Brooks

I failed…

Not once but 6 times

When I began network Marketing there was little training offered like it is now. I worked full time night shift. Going in three days a week at 6pm and getting off work at 7am. Sounds like a good schedule doesn’t it. There were many many weeks I worked two days on and three days off. I felt good on those weeks.

However, my supervisor was a power hungry gremlin who pretty much only cared for herself and her time off. She would schedule lots of nurses on one day and off a day. I went for months working a Friday or a Monday meaning not many real “weekends” off – I was always tired and had little energy to spare when I had my children.

I begged to get three day weekends so I could get rest and feel like doing things with my family. I could sleep anywhere I became still longer than 2 minutes. The school parking lot waiting to pick up the boys from school, the baseball parking lot waiting for practice to be over. I was exhausted.

Why do I tell you about a nightmare supervisor? 

Because she put people in a box and always shut them down from any growth in the hospital. After a while the staff no longer offered to attend the education classes because she would not schedule them to go learn. She would put them on the schedule to work instead.

I wanted a business. I dreamed about having a business, I had no business knowledge. She was my fuel to get out of that situation. She was my fire under my feet to never be in that situation again. Her nastiness was used against her even if she didn’t know about it.

I thought it was the companies I  joined was the reason I didn’t make any money so I moved companies 6 times. Four of them are out of business, one has changed products, I have been with the Young Living company for 5 years with great success.

What changed?

1. Personal Growth
2. Network Marketing Skills
3. Products and Services with a company that rocks
4. Time Management
5. Consistent method of operation
6. Duplicating tools for my team
7. The events I have attended
8. Communication with my team
9. Mapping out my year
10. Campaigns for my business to provide value

I got serious and refused to use my sitation as a reason I could not run a business. I had 2-3 hours a day I would squeeze in work. Some of them were on my lunch breaks, my 15 mins breaks at work. I would go home to sleep before the next shift and listen to audios while I got ready for work or on the drive to and from work. I went to any event that was within 7 hours of home to drive until I started making enough money to fly to events that were farther from home.

I changed the people who I hung around. Negative people or the “I can’t people” were not in my circle. You will be amazed how that changes the way you look at things around you.

When you decide there are no excuses for you to change your situation there will be nothing or any gremlins that can hold you back. Your year starts today – I am looking for people who have the vision or the gut to grow beyond where you are now. I didn’t say you wouldn’t fail – or get frustrated. I will never tell you that you will get it right the first time. If you don’t have the money to get started right now but you are willing to do what it takes to get the funds together. You are already thinking bigger than the average. Watch this video and let’s see if this is for you.

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