Educating with the RIGHT Teammates

by Angela Brooks

Educating with the RIGHT Teammates

Building a team in network marketing, sounds easy right? It can be if you know what you’re looking for in your business. You will talk to hundreds of people over time in your business. You will hear lots of ‘NO’s’, some ‘Maybe’s’, and a few ‘Yes’. You will be like every other network marketer who get excited over and over again with that one word YES!

Adding a new Rep to your business never gets old and I get excited to see someone new coming on board each time someone joins.

I shared some tips over on the blog post Top Three MLM Tips to grow your business but how do you know which one of those YES’s are serious and really want to become a top earner?

YES – I want to earn 10K a month

You will hear people say all the time. YES – I want to earn 10K a month, I want to be a diamond or a crown diamond but those are only words. You have to step back and not just listen to the words but watch the actions.

The sad things there is no way to really tell which one is gonna be a big shooter. I have found that the ones who do the biggest talking will do the less work and have the best excuses for not setting their business up to win big.

The hardest thing to do as a trainer, is to work with someone you think is going to apply what you are teaching and then they don’t. You pour your heart, soul and give them the best tools and nothing…. plainly nothing happens. I will get fooled again and so will you. I like to believe in what people tell me and I will pour into them as long as they will apply and show an effort. Because it is super fun for me to see people get the results that change their life.

Give your teamates an assignment

Definition of a Good Teammate:
There are a few tips you can use to prevent wasting time with talkers and spend time with the doers. It is simple. Give them a task, and a time limit to report back to you. See if they go get it done or make excuses why they couldn’t. People who will make excuses instead of making it happen are not someone you want to spend loads of your time with. You will become frustrated and so will they.

Give them the information and let them come to you when they are ready. Then give them the time it takes to get them on board and moving.

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Educating Teammates

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