Do you invest in you?

by Angela Brooks

I have never written to you like this before, but was tickled when Sandi Krakowski allowed me this chance to write for her blog and I wanted to post it for you here….you see, when the announcement came out that the event in Dallas, TX was almost sold out, my heart was excited and it was also very sad. Sad, because I knew some of you would write it off as something you just couldn't do.

That's me by the way…. in the top picture, in front of the ocean in California…. if you had told me I'd be there last year, with Sandi Krakowski, I would have said one word- impossible!


When I think about Dallas, Texas – I remember how I made the decision to attend my very first event wtih Sandi Krakowski in September of 2010 in Indianapolis, IN. It was based on my checkbook and whether I could afford to take the time off work, take the money out of the family savings account, fly across the US alone. I leaned on every excuse I could think of to make sure all bases were covered – except I had something drawing me to Indianapolis, IN that was stronger than me. I had a feeling in my gut that said I had to get to Indy! I needed to learn what was there to go to the next step. When I arrived I knew I was in the right place.

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Me, at my first event with Sandi, totally unaware my life was about to change forever!  Indianapolis, IN September 2010 

I took pages of notes that had been highlighted of the thing I wanted to work on once back in my hotel room. I also met people from across the US that we brainstormed ideas together over lunch and dinner.

On the final day I was handed a paper – for a mastermind for just 20 people in Chicago. My hands began to shake, tears started falling and I looked at Sandi's assistance and said "What is wrong with me!" She smiled and said, "I guess your'e suppose to go." 

I ran to the back of the room where PJ McClure was standing – whom at that time I did not know very well. I said, "Look at me what is wrong with me – she handed me this paper and I am a mess. I don't have $3000 to take another trip in less than 4 weeks." He calmly smiled at me and he ask "What would happen if you found the money and went to this event?" I stuttered, "I could learn business like I have never had the opportunity to learn before." He shook his head, "and if you did not go what would your life look like?" 

I will never forget how those words burned into my ears and I looked at him and said, "It would stay just like it is right now." 

I don't remember if I told him thank you or turned and just walked off (Thank you PJ). With my paper tightly gripped in my hands I headed to the front of the room with my hands shaking – where Sandi stood. I held the paper in front of me and ask "Am I ready for this?" She smiled a huge coaches smile and said "Yes you are!" I handed over the filled out form – immediate relief knowing that my next step was waiting. 

I had no idea where the money was going to come from – but it did in a very timely manner.

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The Chicago event that changed my life AND my business!

I have not only made that $3000 dollars back – I have replaced most of my nursing income. 

My business took a swift turn – taking 2nd place on the business team in 14 months – replacing a person who has worked the business full time for over 6 years. 

Built a team of 161 people from zero. Developing my own digital products, became an author of "The Nurses Voice", wrote for Scrubs magazine and nursetogther.

I am still learning – with each event I walk away with something bigger and better to add to what I am already doing in my business. I was so nervous to invest into myself because I felt like I was being selfish with my families money, taking a trip without my family, chasing a dream – but instead I invested into my families future to change how we are able to do things – paid off bills – and the possibility of transitioning out of nursing is closer than it ever has been before.

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Here I am the last time I was in Dallas, TX with Sandi! Me and Ruby Client Dr Peggy Malone! You heard of her last week… the girl who got over 800 new fans to her Facebook page in under a few days! This stuff works!

Well, it's time for me to get back to my work… and hopefully, you're getting back to yours. But there is only one thing I have left to say… and I'm sayin' it from the bottom of my heart to yours. I hope you invest into you and I get to meet you in Dallas – You will not regret going.


Angela Feb 7th 2012 150x150 Can we have a little heart to heart? A special note from Angela Brooks..


Angela Brooks is a mental health nurse educator who spent the last 22 years working in a state funded mental hospital. She is the author of "The Nurses Voice" who exposes raw truth as a nurse. She is transitioning from nursing to one of the top positions in a health company changing life's one oil at a time.











P.S. I will be there with a team of people!! Please… come spend some time with me, let's get to know each other and let me know how I can serve you.














Angela Brooks is a retired nurse after 25 years in mental health. She used her lunch breaks to build her business part time on the night shift. Her car became a mobile university as she listened to business training, coaching calls on CD and phone webinars. She blogged while she was at her sons' baseball practices.

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