Burnt Out … Now what?

It’s Time for a Change!

Turn over your Bedpan, IV pole and Stethoscope!


As a nurse, I have spent my whole career handing out medications that help the body in one way…and damage it in another. I am not against medication, but I wonder if the world could be offered natural health through rich supplements that our bodies crave.

I am also not a person who wants to have house parties or sit on the phone talking to bad leads who only want a free iPod. I’d rather have a business online and work 20 hours a week or less.

Have you ever tried to build a business online and found one brick wall after another?

Me too. I know what a knot those bricks will leave on your forehead after you have pounded your headed into them a few times!

Let me show you how to market online with the skills I use in my business every day. 

I didn’t have house parties. I didn’t chase people down in Wal-Mart. I will show you how people came to me and ask “how can I get what you have.”

I am working with nurses that are thinking about reinventing their career, as well as, sharing with nurse business owners how to expand their business and make it more profitable. I am showing them how I have made money using a smart phone, social media and a blog!


 Sage Marie Thank you Angela! I am so glad I found your team! Your advice has saved me so much time and money. Since I met you in Vegas two weeks ago, I have doubled the likes on my business page!  

Robin O’Neal Smith It is ME! You have saved me time and money and given me so many great ideas! Other people on your team have also been very helpful.

Christi Daugherty As part of Angela’s team, all I can say is sign up and be ready to take lots if notes! Angela teaches EVERYTHING on how to build your business without talking on the phone, ever! I have been with Angela’s YL team for a year and have a considerable downline that’s growing steadily using what she teaches in her groups about blogging and social media. You cannot get this training anywhere else, Ive looked!  

Mary Souther Clendenin As part of Angela’s team, I have benefited so much!! My business is growing consistently. You would pay lots of money for the training we receive on growing our business/relationships, websites and social media. What we learn doesn’t take more time away from our family, it gives us MORE time! I was a distributor for Young Living 14 years ago and didn’t continue. Kicking myself for not sticking with it, but loving growing my business!!

Lisa Birnesser Angela has done an AMAZING job setting up the training center. It makes everything so easy to set up your business!  

Robin O’Neal Smith I never thought I would be involved with Essential Oils….till I tried them and then knew that I would be using them forever. It only seemed natural to want to share with those I cared about and with Angela’s help I’m building a business the the low stress way by using social media. The most important thing is I’m helping people. Helping them to take care of themselves the natural way and others to build a business to help them financially.

Diane Van Doesburg You really aren’t alone in your business venture when you are plugged into Angela’s training center. Everyone has been most helpful in the Community Facebook group. So much information is available and all the business and social media tips are worth their weight in gold!

Bea McConnell Rutledge The benifits of this group is all the testmonials and the help that our members help us with. The knowledge of the whole group smile Angela’s knowledge