Building your Empire

by Angela Brooks

Jennie, Jason and Angela
2016 is coming are you ready??

If anyone is looking at network marketing as a business, this is the call you should be on. 2016 is YOUR YEAR to get to the next level, grow your business and create the income your want. And having your Empire is through having a list- no list, no eager fans of what you do to sell to. Regardless, it’s going to be a fun time, put the 3 of us together and we usually laugh our butts off [smile]

There is more to building your social media following than just chatting on facebook or twitter. There is a purpose to all the chatter. You need to know how to create an irresistible bribe to build a powerful community.
Learn why your list is so golden for your business and how you can make it work for you while you are on vacation.

* Building your brand with your list
* What to share with your list
* Why you need an opt in box
* Provide value that you can use more than once

Open your reach to find more people to share the oils with – how to get them drawn to you without you chasing after them. Stop working harder than you need too. Work smart. This is not for hobbist. This is for business builders who want to make a difference in the world.

This works for brick and mortar business and online.

Build  life that excites you. Build a life you love looking at daily. Come join us Jennie, Jason and Angela

January 5th 2016 at 7pm CST/8PM EST time

I will be talking with the amazing Jennie and Jason Team on LIST BUILDING

Grab your seat 

5 Social Media Tips that Flat out work

1.Get your fans to tell you what they really want from you, they will think you read their mind.
2.Grow your network marketing business without the home parties
3.Get your fans to tell you what they want
4.NEW EBOOK ATTACHED! Free to you!


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1 Pearlis December 31, 2015 at 10:05 pm

Question, Angela, did I see that you have a hard copy of your book the MLM Blueprint? I get the pdf and would like a hard copy.

Thank you. I plan to be following you more closely in 2016.

2 Angela Brooks December 31, 2015 at 10:14 pm

As of right now it is on Amazon Kindle and the PDF version we have not taken it to the hard copy yet.

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