Stop worrying about Black Friday and Cyber Monday

November 29, 2016

Whether it’s Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday, Tuesday, August 8th, Superbowl or any other day of the year – it’s only one day!  We have a tendency to feel it is those days listed in the media that will turn your business up on it’s heals and make it the dream you have always wanted it to be. […]

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I hate Christmas

November 28, 2016

If I could have fit my face into the mask of the Grinch – it would have been me. The Christmas season drove me nuts.(Still does some) If I could have gone to bed and woke up New Year’s Eve or even the 26th I would have been fine. It was such a depressing time […]

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I am Thankful for you

November 24, 2016

Today is a chosen day to gather and be thankful in the USA – even though we have so much to be thankful for every day. I am Thankful for you.  That you have come here to read this blog, to leave your comments and to gain a piece of value that can be taken […]

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Your First 90 days in Network Marketing

November 21, 2016

Have you recently started building a network marketing business? Many leaders in network marketing mean well, and they want to help you get started but they give you tips and busy stuff to do but it produces little to no results. It takes about 90 days for people to burn out or get started in […]

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5 Things You Should Know Before Starting A Blog

November 17, 2016

Let’s face it. People don’t get what a blog is. If you are in business and you don’t have a blog. Stop what you are doing and read this all the way to the bottom. If you have a business let’s say McDonald’s (since everyone knows what that is) and you tried to cook hamburgers […]

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