You lost 5000 dollars in the last 12 months

December 12, 2016

Did you really throw $5000 dollars out the window? I have been running reports for some of my friends and showing them how much they are not getting to spend every single year because they don’t have a business. Most people think that in order to be in business you have to sell your products […]

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Tapping the Root of your Network

December 8, 2016

Network Marketing has a long history of you tell two and they tell two to join your business to make the system work. All the years I have been connected to network marketing, finding two that are serious and truly want to hustle is digging for gold. A very high percentage of people that join […]

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Go Pro 2016 with Eric Worre

December 5, 2016

Did you attend the Go Pro Network Marketing 2016 in Vegas? I didn’t go in person but  I watched the live stream for the last two years all day in my office taking notes just like I was sitting there in person. My fear (which is what holds us all back) was going to an […]

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To Be a Brilliant Leader, Mindset Is Everything

December 2, 2016

Can I do what you do? Is building a business hard? Am I smart enough to do this? The answer is yes – BUT ….you must be willing to shift your mindset to a business way of thinking. There’s no cookie cutter mold that you can replicate. I can give you tool after tool after […]

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Network Marketing: What do your goals look like

November 30, 2016

What do your goals for your life look like? In network marketing, you hear leaders talk about goals and belief is what pushes you when times gets hard or even quiet in your business. Network Marketing is one of the most educational fields I have ever been in. Emotional, physically and putting things into action. […]

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