5 Tools Everyone in the essential oils Industry Should Be Using

by Angela Brooks

As a entrepreneur running a business online I have watched other people leave out simple steps that can really make a difference in their business but they hold back because they don’t understand how a tool works or see the value in using something new. Most people are scared to run their business because it might just change their life.

The tools I am going to tell you about today are the top 5 that I use everyday. I use them because my home on the internet is my Blog (my home party) – and the coffee shops for my business are the other platforms that I use. Let me show you.

There are 5 tools everyone in the essential oil industry should use in their business.

  1. A Blog – your home base for telling people about your Young Living Essential Oil business and a place for them to get in touch with you for more information.
  2. Facebook – we are in the mobile age where everyone down to kids as young as 10 years old have mobile devices. People are on their phone more than they are watching TV. In order to capture their attention you have to be where they are looking. At the palm of their hand
  3. Twitter – normally freaks people out because it is so simple and easy to use – but like everything there are tips you need to know to use it better. Like the discover button – how to use hashtags to find people that are already talking about what you are doing in your business. They are perfect customers looking for a place to buy.
  4. Instagram – the hot new platform that has people staring at it for hours – using it for business promotions – following their favorites celebrities and allowing people inside their life to get to know them better. People are very visual and they like to do things fast. You have to be pretty cleaver to get them to the click – like and tweet in today digital world.
  5.  A business you love – If you are online and you have a business that you like ok – but don’t love it. People know. It shows in your writing -your post and your words. I am always looking for passionate people who want to work from home sharing essential oils across the globe. I want to teach others what I have learned not only about what the essential oils do for our family but how they can help other people discover their are ways to support our body.

Do me a favor go to http://angelabrook.com/blog and in the bottom right hand corner you will see a note that says “write me”. If you are passionate about working online in a business that is growing wild and crazy big every month – tell me your the one I am looking for. Let’s get an interview set up to see if we can work together – who knows – we could have a match. I am going to give you a system to use that works for me. It is work so don’t leave your boots at home.

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